Point Table

Team W L PTS
1 Khizerabad (A) 6 4 80
2 Center (A) 5 5 75
3 Aminabad (A) 5 5 70
4 Center (B) 5 5 67
5 Khizerabad (B) 4 6 65
6 Aminabad (B) 4 6 64

Who We Are

Al Shams Women FC is a women football club that was founded in Shimshal valley to engage the girls in more healthy activities like sports. Shimshal Valley is a small village that is situated in the northern areas of Pakistan with a population of about 3000 people. Our goal is to encourage women to play football at grass route level so we can prepare them for the future. Here in this club we’re trying to vanish the gender inequalities by empowering girls and giving the opportunity to build their own dreams and excel in life.
From the last four of years, we are organizing football camps , tournaments and educational sessions and have been influencing the community with the power of football. We are providing opportunities to the girls of rural areas to participate in healthy sports activities focused on leadership, skills development, team work etc. Through these tournaments girls get a chance to compete and show case there talent in communities. We are hoping to produce athletes who will represent Pakistan nationally and internationally as well.

Team Player

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