Now, the girls from Gilgit Baltistan are trying to make a mark in other sports as well/ Photo by Al Misbah Volleyball Academy- Misbah Hina

KARACHI: The picturesque valley of Pakistan’s northern Gilgit Baltistan region is known for its eye-catching scenery in the world as it is one of the major tourist attractions in the country.

The people of the valley are known for their generous hospitality and active participation in sports and now girls from the valley of mountains are aiming to reach new heights in sports, from Football to Volleyball.

The region has already produced Cricketer Diana Baig and mountaineer Samina Baig who won laurels for the country and became an inspiration for many.

Now, the girls from Gilgit Baltistan are trying to make a mark in other sports as well.

Karishma Inayat, who also laid the foundation of the Gilgit Baltistan Women Football League, is now eyeing to get more girls from the region into the sport, which is otherwise struggling in the country due to the national federation’s own infighting.

Interestingly, it didn’t stop Karishma from kicking off her mission to promote football in the valley.

Photo by Al Shams Academy- Karishma Inayat

She recently organized a football camp for girls in Hunza, Gojal, and Shimsal with around 200 girls participating in it.

“It is not just 200 girls participating in a football camp, it was 200 families knowing about empowering girls through sports, which makes me feel proud,” she said.

According to Karishma, the camp was organized by Alshams Women Football Club Shimshal which is a small football club for girls in Shimshal that she founded three years ago.

“We had a two-day basic football training camp and one day we had an indoor session where we had planned some games for them to enhance their leadership skills and build their confidence. We gave speeches about education, teamwork and other healthy activities which could help children grow mentally and physically strong,” said the 21-year-old passionate footballer about the camp.

According to her, girls in the region are very passionate about participating in sports and if they’re provided the proper opportunity, they can go places.

Another sporting talent from the region Misbah Hina organized a volleyball camp for girls in the region.

She organized camps in Gojal Hunza in July with around 150 girls participating in the camp.

“See the photos of the camp and you’ll know how passionate these girls are,” she said while talking to

Photo by Al Shams Academy- Karishma Inayat

“We faced some problems in arranging a venue for the girls’ camp. Initially, people were reluctant to provide us indoor venues for training camp for girls. Volleyball is an indoor sport but due to unavailability of venues, we opted for having our camps in open grounds,” Misbah added.

She regretted that there are not enough facilities available for girls, although there are enough passion and dedication.

“Boys can play easily, anywhere, but it is not the same for girls. Especially in the outskirts, where we have to work hard to convince people that women should also actively participate in sports,” she said.

It seemed nothing could dent their passion.

“We want to reach new heights in sports and one day everyone will feel proud of us,” said 23-year-old Misbah who has also played volleyball for Army and HEC.

Photo by Al Misbah Volleyball Academy- Misbah Hina
January 22, 2020

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