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A gender equality football match was held at one of Pakistan’s highest altitude, Zarthgurbein. Photo: Al Shams Football Club

Karachi: Female Footballers from the Gilgit-Baltistan region added another feather to their cap when they trekked four-hours to play a Football match at the country’s highest altitude football pitch in Upper Shimshal.

According to the organizers, around 29 female footballers — aged 11 to 22 — trekked to Zarthgurbein in Upper Shimshal at the altitude of 4100m above sea-level, to play the “Gender Equality Match”.

“A gender equality football match was held between the teams of UNITY and PEACE at one of Pakistan’s highest altitude in Zarthgurbein, 4100 above sea level,” said the organizers.

“For the match, both of the teams trekked for almost 4 hours to reach the destination which was a beautiful ground situated at an altitude of 4100m above sea level in Zarthgurbein. Both of the teams played with great zeal. Peace team won the match by 1-0,” he added.

The football encounter at the picturesque valley with White Horn Peak shining at background gave a mesmerizing look.

Photo: Al-Shams women football club
Photo: Al-Shams women football club

Al-Shams Football Club, the organizers of the match, highlighted that the purpose of all these efforts was to create the awareness of gender equality in the masses, at all the levels.

“We hope that people see the efforts and get the message of peace and gender equality behind matches like these,” said Azeem, an official of the club.

“Total 29 female player along with 8 management trekked to this area and we played a match and a session was also held with that. We believe in the power of sports and hope that this kind of activity will change many mindsets and open ways for a female to get themselves involved in sports. We believe that we had spread the message of peace through our activity,” he added.

Last year, the club had organized a first-ever women football league in the valley named Gilgit Baltistan Women Football League with 8 teams participating in it.

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