I started playing at the age of 17 with a local female football players, I am one of the player of Al Shams Women Football club and being apart this game has changed my life. I come from a family of farmers. My father owns a small shop in the village and also work as a guide. My father works hard to support me and my siblings and as provided that support I needed to follow my passion of playing football professional.

Football is a popular sports among women in my village. At the club I started playing around 100 girls are currently playing football. The club has provided a platform for me and other girls in the village. Often times in our country it becomes hard to follow your passion for sports. You get consumed by the demands of our developing society and there need for economic development but Al Shams WFC helped with this challenges by guiding me toward my goals to train us and helped us to persuade our dreams.

I am trying out to the national championship and if, I get selected, I can make it to national team because I have a dream to be part of our national team and represent my country at national and international level.

I have participated in many events, we were the winner of GBGL 2018 and runner up of 2019. I also participated in Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board Youth Championship League in 2019 and represent YSb Lahore team in which we got gold.

I want to inspire girls from remote villages like me to persuade sports, it opens up a world of opportunities. As I striker, I always have my eyes at the goal but football has helped me realize my goals outside the field

October 30, 2020

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