Meet our superstar Ambreena Amir known as Ronaldo of Pakistan

Belonging from the mountainous region of North Pakistan I had dream to make my country proud one day, I had a dream to represent my country in international football championship as the youngest female football player, my the dream has motivated me up till now, I belong to one of the farthest Shimshal Valley of North Pakistan, my name is Ambreena Amir. I am a player of Al Shams Women Football Club. I had a keen interest in football, besides the lack of resources and proper training i brought pride to my valley several times, being the youngest footballer I participated in Shimshal Girls Football League and Gilgit Baltistan Football League (GBGFL) twice representing my valley in the football championship, whereas I also participated in National Jubilee games organised by the AKYSB Pakistan

Coming from a normal financial background it has always been hard to compete with other footballer who is having proper training, i had been doing this up till now with the support of my father and family, as achieving my goals are a bit difficult without sponsorship, I seek for sponsorship to fulfil my dreams and represent my country in an international football championship, i have got the potential to represent my country in an international championship,it’s my firm belief that, if I get proper coaching and sponsorship I would be able to fulfil my dream and become the youngest footballer to bring pride to the country. As said earlier I had a dream, a dream to represent my country in international football can’t be possible without your support, hope you will encourage the young talent & give me the opportunity to fulfil my dream
It is an honour for me that I am known as Ronaldo in my region and I want to play like Ronaldo.

Ambreena Amir the youngest footballer from Shimshal, GB Pakistan.
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